Hobart 500548 Airforce 500i Plasma Cutter

The Hobart 500548 Airforce 500i Plasma Cutter is a versatile little machine that packs a lot of power into a small, light-weight package. Weighing only 32 pounds this cutter is easily portable making it the perfect cutter for both novices and professionals. The Airforce 500i will cut any electrically conductive material, including steel, aluminum and copper and there are only two controls on the machine, an on/off switch and a knob to adjust the amperage, which makes the machine so simple to operate that even a beginner can get a perfect cut with the first try.

One of the key features of this plasma cutter is its adaptability. It features a multi-voltage plug which enables the user to connect to either a 120V or 230V power source without having to use any tools to change out the plugs. This feature alone is a major selling point as a lot of comparable cutters need to be rewired, depending on your power source. But the Airforce 500i can even be adapted for use in a standard househould outlet with just the switch of the plug.

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Hobart 500548 Airforce 500i Plasma Cutter Features and Specifications

  • A compact, light-weight, economical cutter that works on all conductive materials.
  • Easily adaptable, no-tools-required Multi-Voltage Plug (MVP)
  • Only 2 controls to worry about – an on/off switch and the amperage adjustment knob
  • Perfect cuts on materials up to 5/8 inches in thickness
  • Arrives Ready-To-Use with cable, 10 ft. cord and plugs included

The Reviews

All users, from first-time users to professionals, agree that you simply couldn’t find a better plasma cutter if you tried. The controls are very easy to understand and adjust and the Airforce 500i performed neat, clean, precise cuts right out of the box, regardless of the material they were working with. And one of the most appreciated features of this product is the interchangeable power source. Competing brands require tools and a basic knowledge of wiring to change the power source but the Airforce 500i comes with 2 cords – all you need to do is connect the one that fits your power source.

But even more important, users were surprised at the amount of cutting power they found in this compact little cutter, especially for the price. Weighing only 32 pounds and taking up just a little more space than a shoe box, the 500i is easily portable. And for those who like to use this cutter in their weekend workshop, as well as on the job, it’s no problem at all to carry this from one place to the other. Don’t let that small size fool you though. The Hobart 500548 Airforce 500i 115/230 Volt Plasma Cutter may be small, but it’s extremely durable and built to take abuse. This cutter is a favorite among artisans and car restorers, people who create custom pieces of metal-work and need to be able to rely on their equipment for their livelihood.

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